Invasive Species Crosscut Budget

As called for in the first National Invasive Species Management Plan (NISC Plan), NISC developed the first Invasive Species Interagency Performance-Based Budget (Crosscut) for fiscal year 2004.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) encouraged NISC to develop shared (crosscutting) goal statements, strategies, and common performance measures among participating agencies as part of the FY04 budget process. The result was an interagency budget that identified resources and facilitated their efficient allocation through enriched cooperative efforts for the budget cycles for fiscal years 2005, 2006, and 2007. After a brief hiatus, compilation of a streamlined crosscut budget resumed in 2011.

The crosscut budget provides a multi-year perspective of invasive species funding across seven general categories reflected in the NISC management plan (prevention, early detection and rapid response, control and management, research, restoration, education and public awareness, and leadership and international cooperation).

The Crosscut is designed to:

  • Encourage federal cooperation on the invasive species issues that benefit from an interagency approach.
  • Highlight and promote interagency performance-based approaches to address specific invasive species issues.
  • Provide a clear and comprehensive overview of invasive species issues and efforts across the Federal Government.