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December 12. 2013 - ISAC Teleconference (Harvest Incentives)

 In accordance with Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) regulations, this teleconference will be recorded.

Date:   Dec-12-2013
Start time:  1:00 PM (Eastern)
End time:  5:00 PM (Eastern)
Duration: 240 mins  (4 hours)

Phone number:

Country Toll-Free Toll
USA 800-857-5155 1-630-395-0268

Access code: 3496211 (Participants will hear music until the call is activated) 

Due to the limited amount of time available, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness is critical to achieving the main objective of this teleconference. Therefore, all participants are asked to adhere to the following etiquette while connected to the call:

  • Be on time, and stress the importance of being on time to other participants. 
  • Choose a location with little background noise. If some background noise is unavoidable, use the mute button on your phone when you're not speaking. Simply turn off the mute feature when you want to contribute to the conversation.
  • Select a phone with the handset attached. Cellular and cordless phones often add annoying static to the call. Speakerphones are a pitfall because they pick up a lot of background noise. In addition, when using some speakerphones, you sound as if you're speaking in a tunnel, adding to the remoteness of this communication medium.
  • Turn off your call waiting. Everyone on the teleconference can hear the beep as someone tries to reach you on another line, which is distracting and annoying.
  • Identify yourself before speaking. The lack of visual cues makes this practice essential. It also ensures that comments are attributed to the appropriate individuals, thereby contributing to the accuracy of meeting minutes provided after the meeting.
  • Address people by name when you speak to them. Again, because you have no visual cues, if you simply ask a question or make a remark without indicating to whom you're speaking, other participants may have trouble determining who's being addressed. 
  • Direct questions to a specific person instead of posing them to the audience at large. Doing so helps prevent confusion and helps ensure that your question is met with an answer rather than just silence as everyone tries to figure out who is going to respond.


  • Never, ever put your phone on hold during a teleconference.  Doing so forces the participants left on the call to listen to the music your telephone system plays to those on hold, effectively ruining the discussion. If you absolutely must step away from the call, put the phone on mute and set it on your desk instead.
  • Use the mute button.  Even if you are behind a closed door in your private office, there is the possibility of noise. This is particularly true if you simply can’t devote your full attention to the call and think you have to check your e-mail, thumb through your mail, or whisper to someone who just walked into your office. The keyboard sounds, the paper rustling or virtually anything you decide to do will make noise, so please use the mute button or feature on your phone. Also, don’t forget to take your phone off mute when you want to join a conversation. Then put it back on mute until the next time you want to join the conversation.